Second Impact Syndrome: A Rare But Usually Fatal Condition

Second Impact Syndrome: A Rare But Usually Fatal Condition

An article on the website, momsTEAM, “Second Impact Syndrome: a Rare But Usually Fatal Condition”, discusses what can happen if a concussion is inflicted with an already existing concussion. It is called Second Impact Syndrome(SIS) and it is devastating causing either death or brain damage.  Per the author, Lindsey Barton Straus, JD, “Those who do survive second impact syndrome are neurologically devastated.”

Young kids are more susceptible to SIS. Younger boys and girls take longer to clear concussions so they are more likely to get a second one. In fact, 95% of all SIS sufferers are less than 18 years old.

Even a mild second impact can cause SIS. It doesn’t even have to be a blow to the head but might be a blow in the chest that jerks the head indirectly causing forces on the brain.

The risk of getting SIS is very low. Even lower than getting hit by lightning, but the results are devastating and preventable.

  • If you suspect a concussion, get it treated by medical personnel
  • Do not engage in activity that could cause additional head trauma until you are fully healed from the last one
  • Don’t ignore and hide symptoms just so you can get back in the game

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