by Dr. Eugene Bailey MD

Briana Scurry was the goaltender for the United State Women’s soccer team for 15 years and won 2 Olympic Gold Medals during her time there. But it was concussions that caused her to end her career early and has her dealing with the effects of concussions even now.

In an article on, Scurry wanted to send a letter with some valuable information to all young soccer players. In the article, she talks about the effects concussion has had on her life and how she is working hard to overcome them. She talks about suffering daily, with memory loss, lack of concentration, headaches, mood-swings and other post-concussive-syndrome symptoms.

But she also wanted to let all young athletes know how great soccer is. She talked of her love of the game and about not regretting playing the game she loved and the 173 games she played for the United States women’s team.

She talked about the many things that you can learn by playing soccer. Sports teaches life skills, such as teamwork, getting along with others, learning, and problem-solving. Also, personal skills that can be developed such as confidence, self-esteem and setting and achieving goals.

Curry, who has become an advocate for concussion awareness, has testified before Congress on the subject and is an avid speaker on educating people about the signs and symptoms of concussions.

She wanted to speak to young soccer players in the article to bring more awareness of the danger of concussions. She acknowledges that injuries do happen in sports, but the player only knows how they feel when injured.

The most important thing a player can do after taking a significant hit to the head is, to be honest about how you are feeling. You need to tell your coaches and parents right away. Sure, you may have to miss the rest of the game or even multiple ones, but trying to “shake it off” or “walk it off” is not the right thing to do for your long-term brain health.

Not speaking up or telling the truth can have longer term consequences for players. Getting hit again after suffering a concussion can be much more dangerous in the short and long-term. Proper rest after suffering a concussion is crucial.

Young soccer players can still enjoy the game and play it with enthusiasm, joy and a smile on their face. However, if they get injured, they need to make sure to let others know exactly how they feel.

The full article can be read at the following link.

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