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Total Concussion Management LLC

Total Concussion Management LLC (TCMgt) is a NY State LLC formed for the purpose of standardizing the recognition and management of concussions in students.

TCMgt’s goal is to provide a mobile SW application (easySCAT), website, and database that will assist and educate coaches, athletic trainers, nurses and providers in the immediate recognition of a concussion.
“easySCAT” is an integrated tool that can be utilized on many devices and connects via the internet to establish updates and maintain a database of head trauma data. It is user-friendly and available for school faculty and medical personnel.

The website is aimed at education and providing timely advice and information on the latest and best information in the concussion field.
TCMgt is committed to making this process affordable and easy to use. It provides customer support and timely updates when new guidelines or other changes become available.

Our concussion expert physicians will answer questions to help inform and make the process informative and educational.
Ultimately, TCMgt would like to help all school faculty, students and parents treat concussions in the same manner. Use of easySCAT and TCMgt resources allows for the standardization of concussion protocols to ensure the successful return of athletes to play and hopefully to better the overall safety of our school-aged athletes.

Our team

Who are behind the scenes?

Eugene Bailey, MD

Dr. R. Eugene Bailey, is a board-certified family physician of 30 years. He is currently the Medical Director of a Syracuse clinic and Asst. Professor at Upstate University. He is a long-time, team physician for the Syracuse Crunch; an AHL Hockey affiliate to the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning, and also serves as the team physician for the Syracuse Stars Junior hockey team. Dr. Bailey is a school physician for the East Syracuse Minoa (ESM) central school district and has been for the past 20 years. He is an expert in concussion medicine.

Daniel Rancier, MD

Dr. Dan Rancier is a board-certified family physician of 25 years and promotes preventative medicine. He works both in private practice as well as at a Syracuse clinic. Dr. Rancier is the school physician for East Syracuse Minoa (ESM) central school district and the OCM BOCES Medical Advisor. He has assessed numerous athletes for their injuries including concussions during sport games. Dr. Rancier works in the Urgent Care setting treating all manner of injuries and illnesses

Steve Landas, MD

Dr. Steve Landas is a board-certified pathologist of 35 years; 29 spent in academics where he participated in the training of over thousands of  student doctors, interns and residents in their specialty. He has authored / coauthor over 130 scientific publications and has received numerous citations. Dr. Landas participated in, coached and officiated contact sports at all levels. He has personal experience having incurred many concussions. Dr. Landas sees the long term effects concussions have on the brain. 

Mark Powell MS ATC

Mr. Mark Powell is board certified and recently retired with 31 years experience as Head Athletic Trainer at East Syracuse Minoa (ESM) HS. He administered all aspects of the school district’s sports medicine program. He  established many injury management, prevention and safety rules including policies about concussion management, return to play and return to learn protocols. He is the strength and conditioning coach of the Syracuse Crunch professional hockey team and develops performance enhancement and injury prevention programs.

Paul Bailey - CEO and President

Paul is a thought leader and has a proven track record based on his thirty years of IT experience in providing value through technology innovation to both small and large businesses. He is recognized by his peers in the consulting industry for providing insights on using technology to advance the security of online PHI and the use of mobile computing in healthcare to provide critical information to medical providers at the point-of-use. Additionally, Paul advised CIO’s and senior healthcare business executives of Fortune 100 companies on technology innovation and insertion and managed several large projects to transform the healthcare industry. His leadership extends to business globally, and he provided advice to companies throughout the US and in Canada, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC. His cardinal role is to manage and advance the use of information and provide a standard platform to assist parents, sports coaches, trainers and other key personnel to recognize concussions in athletes real-time and manage the athletes return to sporting and other normal activities.

Douglas Low Chairman and COO

An author, engineer, entrepreneur and a true innovator.

He worked at General Electric, Martin Marietta, and Lockheed Martin as Software and Systems Engineer 30 years. While at Lockheed Martin, Doug initiated several advanced products. For example; handheld drug and explosive detectors, Handheld Visual Sonar devices for the Navy Seal Team and remote, underwater pipeline leak detector for the Mineral Management Service. He also developed a unique approach to side-scan sonar hardware that reduced the cost of the device by at least an order of magnitude.