easySCAT Sideline

Brings Power to the Athletic Trainers Through Remote Presence

Finally, there is a natural, rapid, safe, accountable way to evaluate concussions on the sideline.

 Non-medical staff can collect the assessment data. easySCAT notifies the medical professionals on their phone that there has been a potential concussion on one of their students. All the data is immediately available to all stakeholders. ,  The Athletic Trainer can now collaborate with treatment for all the head impacts for their entire area of responsibility.

It’s fast, a typical complete evaluation takes minutes. an emergency evaluation can be done in seconds.

The protocol used by easySCAT is based on NATA and international guidance (Concussion in Sports Group Berlin 2016 meeting). It was codified by our three founding medical professionals to evaluate head trauma for a concussion.

With easySCAT Sideline’s “automatic documentation,” you can show when, where and what was done for each potential injury. The data is stored in a permanent, secure online cloud database storage facility. You as the user don’t even have to think about it. It’s all done automatically.

easySCAT uses a multi-faceted set of tests  recommended by NATA and CISG including:

Symptoms, Physical signs, Cognitive impairment, Behavioral changes, Sleep disturbances, Balance impairment

easySCAT is the sidleine Portion of the 11 R's

Three (3) components to any best practice concussion management program. 

“When in Doubt, Sit Them Out”  is no longer good enough and it starts on the sideline. Information must be provided immediately to medical personnel whether present or not for concussion evaluations to start ASAP. 

easySCAT Sideline notifies medical personnel of any and all assessments entered into the easySCAT cloud for their organization. They can then collaborate on the injury immediately and not wait till the next day.