“It’s had an impact at all levels, starting with the NFL and then shortly thereafter the NCAA, and now you’re seeing it in high school and peewee … And it’s not just limited to football—it’s all sports.”

“Most youth leagues and high schools do not have certified trainers on the sidelines; they’re too expensive … So, a lot of the burden falls on coaches.”

– Bloomberg BNA News 2016

“A federal appeals court has ruled that coaches or other school personnel may be liable when they expose student-athletes to further harm by having them return to play after a suspected concussion.”

– Edweek 2017

“Student athlete concussions continue to be scrutinized aggressively by parents, school administrators, medical professionals, legislators, and members of the plaintiffs’ attorney bar.”

– General Reinsurance Corporation 2016

“The number of concussions in kids is far worse than we thought … there are 1.2M concussions per year (in kids younger than 18 years old) that go unreported”

Pediatrics Journal